My Cancun Diary–Winter Escape: Water Adventures Part I

25 Nov

If you think the fun things about taking a vacation by the beach are only relaxing, tanning, drinking, you are definitely wrong. Last thanksgiving in Key West, Florida, I tried two kinds of water sports–Parasail and Jet Ski (which my boyfriend drove), which was totally a new experience for me. BUT! This time, skipping the relaxing part (Subsee explorer and Dinner Cruise)I not only met with my two old friends (Skyrider and Jet ski which I drove solo woohoo~~~), but also jungle tour, aqua twister and snorkeling! For some reason, I actually discovered my adventurous personality.


  • Parasail (Skyrider): the most relaxing water adventure

Wearing life jacket and taking a boat ride to the best view spot of the ocean, we were ready to go! Each parasailing could take two people to the sky and with the boat driving faster, the parachute would fly by the wind. Their custom built double-seat para-chairs lifted us high into the sky, and the height was about thirty-store building! Of course the view was excellently breathtaking! After admiring Caribbean ocean for total 10 mins, we landed right on the boat.

Fun score: 7/10

Adventure score: 5/10

Price: 40 USD


  • Jet Ski: It’s all about speed, speed and speed.

If you are very cautious and worried about ground motorcycle like me, you could take a big step to try jet ski on water. Speed range is from 0 km/hr to 60 km/hr. You can control your Yamaha 750 CC. by yourself and speeding along the Caribbean waters. The good feeling about jet ski is that you feel like you rule the water and feel a little bit superior when passing by boats and kayaks, but the bad feeling is that it’s is hard to hold the handle when your speed reach 50 km/hr. Yea, from my  experience, I almost fell off my jet ski when I accidentally speeded up to 52 km/hr. It was such a shock, for sure!

Fun score: 9/10

Adventure score: 9/10

Price: 82 USD for one hour riding


  • Aqua Twister: Scream if you can

Well, when I first saw the aqua twister boat, I never thought it could drive me crazy so much…I truly experienced the ultimate adventure on super high speed jet boat ride.  The crazy ride includes massive sideways slides, awesome fish tails, wave riding and the famous ‘Power brake Stop’ in which the jet boat comes to a complete stop within two boat lengths, and last but not least, the 270 degree spins. Not forgetting to mention the great music. Sounds awesome? Yea! But when you for poured by sea water every time the captain did those moves, you would get mad! I did not expect the waters would come to the back seat ONLY and how cold I would be after being poured by water. Such a suffer but such a adventure! So don’t seat at the back if you are afraid of continuous cold water pouring….

Fun score: 9/ 10 (1 point got off by the damn cold water)

Adventure score: 10/10

Price: 39 USD




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3 Responses to “My Cancun Diary–Winter Escape: Water Adventures Part I”

  1. Vivien Hu November 26, 2012 at 10:02 PM #

    So jealous! I wish I was there. I’ve never tried Aqua Twister. But it sounds fun!

  2. Rico November 26, 2012 at 11:22 PM #

    Luv water sports~~


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