My Cancun Diary: Tipsy in Paradise

27 Nov

Well, I have shared with you about restaurants, water sports, journey to Isla Mujeres, some pictures and the hotel, now it’s time to talk about some tips and reminders of staying in Cancun.

  • Remember to exchange your money in hotel: usually the exchange rate (MXN/USD) is 12.9 MXN/1 USD in hotel and maybe at airport. But if you want to exchange money in other places in Cancun such as random grocery stores, they will only give you 100 pesos for 10 dollars, which means you will lose 20 pesos.
  • Remember to pay pesos for taxi: the same idea here is that they only divide Mexican pesos by 10, like if you need to pay 120 pesos for a ride to the restaurant, they will tell you you can also pay 12 dollars if you don’t have enough pesos, which means you pay more in dollars.
  • Tips: unlike in the U.S.where we usually tip waiters 15% to 20%, actually, 11%-15% tipping in Cancun is fairly enough. Yet, in some fancy restaurants, they will tip the bill by themselves 15% “automatically,” so it is crucial to check your bill before handing your credit cards to waiters!
  • Must-see shows: if you ask your concierge at your hotel about where to enjoy your nights out, they will definitely recommend you Coco Bongo, a club where combines clubbing and stunning performances. That’s one of the most popular places in Cancun! The show is really awesome, but it is super crowded and you know what else, there are some “overwhelming” waitresses coming to you and ask you to pay $5 per shot (which actually you already paid all inclusive ticket at the door, which is not cheap at all).
  • Chill lounge: If you are not a clubbing person, then Rosa lounge at Me Resort is your choice! It is quiet and chilly, where you can drink, chat and hookah. The hookah there is very recommended! And also Pina Colada at the lounge is the best that I have ever had.

I have had a wonderful trip to Cancun during this thanksgiving! How wonderful? you ask me? It’s like tipsy in paradise! =)



Bar by the beach at Ritz Carlton


Balcony in the morning


Sunshine on me

Thank you for reading my Cancun diary!!!

My Cancun Diary: Winter Escape–Restaurante

26 Nov

I am not a professional foodie, but in Cancun, I have to recommend some restaurants to you because the food there is so good!


Dinner: La Capilla Argentina Steakhouse 

A traditional Argentina steakhouse with great ambivalence

Feature Dishes: Rib Eye with the spiciest Mexican pepper

Seafood soup (serving for two absolutely)

Dessert Flan  (creamy and rich)

Price: $$$$

Food: 8/10

Service: 7.5/10




Lunch: Casa Rolandi (on isla Mujeres)

Best Ocean view, great place for lunch, Cute waiters, Italian food

Feature Dishes: Creamy Zucchini Soup

Fried Calamari

Russian borscht (Soup)

Seafood Risotto

Black Ravioli

Price: $$$

Food: 9/10

Service: 10/10




Thanksgiving Dinner: Fantino (at Ritz Carlton)

Great great ambivalence, excellent service, romantic live music, dress code

Featured Dishes: Tuna Tartare


Tender turkey of course!

Dessert Panna Cotta

Dessert Wine Moscato (always my fav!)

Price: $$$

Food: 8/10

Service: 10/10





Dinner: La Habichuela Sunset (in Hotel Zone)

Sit outside by the water, romantic light decorations, live performance to elaborate Mayan civilization and culture

Feature Dishes: Duck Taco

Soft Shell Crab

Lime Margaritas

House Special–Curry Lobster and seafood selections

Dessert Parfait Glacé au Kahlúa (So Good!)

Price: $$$$

Food: 8.5/10

Service: 8/10







Lunch: La Destileria (Cancun’s best Mexican restaurant)

Traditional Mexican food with great ocean view, great mango and passionfruit margaritas, molcajete pot cooked fajitas!!

Featured Dishes: Beef Tongue Tacos

Shrimp Quesadillas

Beef Fajitas served in a hot molcajete pot with chorizo, black beans, and avocado (Love it!)

Price: $$$

Food: 9.5/10

Service: 8.5/10

Review from The New York Times




Dinner: Cenacolo (Italian restaurant in Cancun you should not miss)

Elegant furnishing, romantic ambivalence, great place for couples and group dining, handmade pasta, largest pepper grinder, live music

Featured Dishes: Grilled Calamari

Swordfish Carpaccio

Russian Borscht

Handmade Pasta


Dessert Tiramisu

Price: $$$

Food: 8.5/10

Service: 9/10

















My Cancun Diary: Winter Escape–Picture time

25 Nov

Hey! It’s my favorite sharing moment—picture time! We took about 100 pictures during these 5-day trip to Cancun, take a look!!



Ritz-Carlton hall way


Sunshine/Sun set

At Ferry Pier Bar

After drinking half bottle of Corona

The Pier Bar

Smiles from the beach

Isla Mujeres

Beautiful Caribbean beach

Hello! I am tanning 

Well, the Kiss

Actually, my boyfriend took those pictures for his assignment lol. Yes, he is taking photography class =)

My Cancun Diary–Winter Escape: Water Adventures Part II

25 Nov

In Water Adventures Part I, I took those three activities on one day. You can imagine how soar my body turned to on second day. But my adventure spirit still went up, so I decided to have jungle tour and snorkeling together. (Sorry that I could not take pictures while we were doing water activities, you can imagine lol)


  • Jungle Tour: Water BMW + Snorkeling: Live show under the sea

Some say jungle tour is the most fun activity they have in Cancun! I kinda agree with them. My boyfriend and I took the same boat and he navigated our own boat on a breathtaking voyage across the Nichupte Lagoon. It was like driving a BMW on water. The good thing is there was no traffic at all so that we could drive freely but still followed the guider’s boat. We drove about 20 mins and got to a very light blue ocean area which shined under the sunshine. After 1o more mins driving, we reached the coral reef area which seemed like we were in the middle of no where (no land surrounds in your sight at all ) Then we put on our goggles, life jackets and snorkels and prepared to jump into the ocean. Sounds dangerous? Yea, I was totally freaked out about jumping into Caribbean ocean (who knows if my lifejacket can support me and help me float or not). But I did, and took me a while to learn how to breathe under water with snorkel. Underwater sightseeing was fun because we could finally see living fish and living coral reefs so close and no need to stick our faces on the walls of fish tanks!! However, the Punta Nizuc coral reefs were not colorful and wavy as I imagined.

Fun score: 9/10

Adventure score: 10/10

Price: 60 USD



  • Fish spa: itchy and natural

After an exhausting adventure, my friend Olivia and I were attracted by a fish tank with many small black fish surrounding people’s feet. That’s exactly the same fish spa I watched on TV long time ago. The fish spa is originally from Japan and is very popular at Japanese spa centers. Using authentic Garra Rufa fish, also known as “Doctor Fish”from Turkey, they are fed on human’s dead skin cells. Maybe it sounds a little scary, but actually it is a treatment, a kind of therapy and also an small adventure. When I firstly put my feet into the water, those little fish immediately came near my feet and started biting. It was very itchy (I could not help laughing) and took a while to get used to it. Well, about the result, it was…ok but worth trying.

Fun score: 7/10

Adventure score: 5/10

Price: 10 USD for 15 mins



My Cancun Diary–Winter Escape: Water Adventures Part I

25 Nov

If you think the fun things about taking a vacation by the beach are only relaxing, tanning, drinking, you are definitely wrong. Last thanksgiving in Key West, Florida, I tried two kinds of water sports–Parasail and Jet Ski (which my boyfriend drove), which was totally a new experience for me. BUT! This time, skipping the relaxing part (Subsee explorer and Dinner Cruise)I not only met with my two old friends (Skyrider and Jet ski which I drove solo woohoo~~~), but also jungle tour, aqua twister and snorkeling! For some reason, I actually discovered my adventurous personality.


  • Parasail (Skyrider): the most relaxing water adventure

Wearing life jacket and taking a boat ride to the best view spot of the ocean, we were ready to go! Each parasailing could take two people to the sky and with the boat driving faster, the parachute would fly by the wind. Their custom built double-seat para-chairs lifted us high into the sky, and the height was about thirty-store building! Of course the view was excellently breathtaking! After admiring Caribbean ocean for total 10 mins, we landed right on the boat.

Fun score: 7/10

Adventure score: 5/10

Price: 40 USD


  • Jet Ski: It’s all about speed, speed and speed.

If you are very cautious and worried about ground motorcycle like me, you could take a big step to try jet ski on water. Speed range is from 0 km/hr to 60 km/hr. You can control your Yamaha 750 CC. by yourself and speeding along the Caribbean waters. The good feeling about jet ski is that you feel like you rule the water and feel a little bit superior when passing by boats and kayaks, but the bad feeling is that it’s is hard to hold the handle when your speed reach 50 km/hr. Yea, from my  experience, I almost fell off my jet ski when I accidentally speeded up to 52 km/hr. It was such a shock, for sure!

Fun score: 9/10

Adventure score: 9/10

Price: 82 USD for one hour riding


  • Aqua Twister: Scream if you can

Well, when I first saw the aqua twister boat, I never thought it could drive me crazy so much…I truly experienced the ultimate adventure on super high speed jet boat ride.  The crazy ride includes massive sideways slides, awesome fish tails, wave riding and the famous ‘Power brake Stop’ in which the jet boat comes to a complete stop within two boat lengths, and last but not least, the 270 degree spins. Not forgetting to mention the great music. Sounds awesome? Yea! But when you for poured by sea water every time the captain did those moves, you would get mad! I did not expect the waters would come to the back seat ONLY and how cold I would be after being poured by water. Such a suffer but such a adventure! So don’t seat at the back if you are afraid of continuous cold water pouring….

Fun score: 9/ 10 (1 point got off by the damn cold water)

Adventure score: 10/10

Price: 39 USD




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